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My name is Haley Salzburn-Nguyen and I am a highly passionate and creative Graphic Designer with over 9 years experience in corporate identity, typography, design, brand management, and social media. I enjoy both leading a team, and working alongside them. I am able to brainstorm, conceptualize, and fully realize a project from start to finish. I am self-driven and highly motivated to hit deadlines and exceed expectations. I am able to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment, while maintaining both a positive and outgoing perspective with any project or client. I aim to be a clear communicator, and have strong interpersonal and presentation skills. In addition, I am fine artist and illustrator with strong drawing, painting, color, and composition skills. Currently, I am a Marketing Director who is solely responsible for all customer-facing marketing material from conception to final product. 

I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BFA in 2014. My concentrations include Graphic and Web Design, Digital Illustration, Concept and Environment Art, Traditional Painting and Drawing.

My hobbies include video games, traveling, novel writing, and of course creating art. I'm a driven, self-managed individual that strives for the absolute best in everything I do. I love being connected with other creative individuals, and working on something I can be proud of from start to finish.



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